Obama and His “Make America Last Campaign”


Our communist in chief Barack Hussein Obama and his complicit array of federal bureaucracies are systematically dismantling the once great United States of America.  He is waging an internal coup on multiple fronts.  From his mislabeled “immigration reform” push, to his “gun control reform”, to his targeted attacks on American citizens via the IRS, to his willful murder of 4 Americans in Benghazi, to his policy to arm the dirt bag islamist terrorists in Syria, to his capitulation to the dirt bag taliban, to his support of the dirt bag muslim brotherhood, to his push to eliminate our nuclear weapons, he has weakened the United States.   Civilly by weakening the rule of law, internationally by making us a mockery, and financially by creating an unsustainable social welfare state that will collapse our economy.

And now this.  In addition to all of the energy production this idiot Obama has derailed, now his Bureau of Land Management is derailing another purely American means of developing new oil reserves through Oil Shale development.  The BLM led by Neil Kornze has slashed the amout of federal land available to Oil Shale developers by 2/3’s!

Read the full disgusting story here at Fox News.


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