Why Do We Continue to Defend These DIRT BAG ISLAMISTS?

US soldiers in Afghanistan

3 more US soldiers we’re murdered by a dirt bag muslim extremist that we were training.  Have you heard about it in the MSM?  Are you aware that green on blue (green = dirt bag muslims, blue = Our Soldiers) attacks have skyrocketed in Afghanistan (or as I like to call it Assghanistan)?  Why does our policy remain the same with each crucial loss of one of our heroes?  Why are we domestically, led by Barack Hussein Obama, placating these savage dirt bags?

It’s time we wake up and be Americans!  An American never will infringe upon the God given rights of anyone or any group.  Even these dirt bags.  But an American will defend them self when their God given right to Life, Liberty, and Their Pursuit of Happiness is infringed!  These dirt bag islamist muslims have been coming at us long enough.

It’s time we start playing Cowboys and muslims!

Read the disturbing report about our boy’s murders here on Atlasshrugs.


7 responses to “Why Do We Continue to Defend These DIRT BAG ISLAMISTS?

  1. I totally get your argument but I think you should do some more research on this topic. The ‘muslims’ that kill people for ‘jihad’ are actually considered not to be muslims in the religion itself. I hope you are aware that most Muslims aren’t violent like that. thank you for this post 🙂

    • If what you say is true then why don’t the peaceful muslims publicly denounce the dirt bag islamists? And more importantly, it is in fact the dirt bag islamists that are implementing sharia in the middle east led by the dirt bag islamist muslim brotherhood. I’ve had enough of this political correctness that has infected my country. It’s time to call a spade a spade. Islam, muslims and everything they represent are a scourge to the world. They have been a source of conflict since their founding some 1500 years ago.

      • I get that you’re mad but I think you should meet some muslims that aren’t always trying to change everyone into muslims because there are waaay more of them, you just haven’t made an effort to find them. I agree, people who try to enforce their beliefs on others should not have the right to exist but not all muslims are bad and I think you need to meet more types of muslims. 7 billion people on earth and not a single one of them is identical to another, same goes for muslims because they are human too.

      • While I understand there are moderate muslims, it is undeniable that the islamists have co-opted the faith and are using it as a hammer to establish the next caliphate. And why is it that islam needs to establish world domination all the time? We are in the midst of the third jihad in your faiths history.

        There is a fundamental concept that you and unfortunately most Americans don’t understand. To be an true American is an exceptional gift. We (Americans) are not like any other people on the planet. And sadly we’ve lost that perspective. We’ve allowed the rest of the world to water down the source of our success by accepting less than exceptional principles like social justice, socialism, and the concept of globalism. It has trickled in through our schools, our media, through our career politicians, and through a never ending effort toward secularism.

        America and her Constitution are founded on principles derived from a strong faith in God. And America cannot effectively be governed without honoring the fact that we are endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights which include Life, Liberty, and The Pursuit of Happiness. Our rights and the very concept of being an American comes directly from God. Not from man. And make no mistake about it America, by design, does not mandate that you or anyone else must subscribe to any faith. You can be Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, or Atheist and be an American. However America the Country is completely based on Judeo-Christian principles that ultimately have created the kindest and most successful Country in the history of the world. And that muslimgirlspeaks is why it is exceptional to be an American.

        And that is also why I view radical islam so critically, because it is the antithesis of America. And I’m not going to let it infect my country any longer.

      • I disagree with you that muslims are always trying to change everyone into muslims. In Islam we are told to respect the religions of others; it is a sin to discriminate another religion. I hope one day extremist ‘muslims’ stop being so extreme so that people who now see Islam as a violent and stupid religion can understand that most muslims are NOTHING like the extremists. Thank you for replying and thank you for your time.

  2. I’m not siding with the muslims here but as a human I think it’s a little bit disturbing that you think being an American is some how ‘special’ and you present it as being almost sacred. I mean sure you love your country, so does everyone else in the world but just because you guys are better economically developed (and this done by not the best means because everyone knows the rich countries get richer by stepping on the poor) you can’t just say only Americans with a specific set of beliefs are allowed in America.
    I mean shouldn’t you write that down on your law of foreigners or something? To be honest I don’t think all Americans are like that but you’re kind of giving Americans a bad picture by being narrow minded and saying muslim’s ‘infect’ your country. Like how many converts from your country are violent? How many muslims do you really know? Nobody is forced to do anything, certain americans choose to embrace that belief themselves like any other religion. Also what I don’t get is why are you so hung up on muslim terrorists when there are terrorists just as bad as them in every single country. For example how genocides in non muslim countries are happening right this moment and no body cares. Why? Because rich people aren’t getting killed because that is seriously the ONLY times fuss is made in the media. Every life is special just like how every one should have a right to their own belief, so stop criticizing and portraying a narrow mined view.

    • Your missing the point. Just like islam has been co-opted by the extremists in their midst, the idea that is America has been co-opted by our own extremists. We call them progressives. The progressive movement began early in the 20th century and their work of the last 100+ years is coming to fruition. They don’t believe in the American Experiment and they feel that our Constitution limits them from executing a social welfare state. And yes the Constitution secures Individual Liberties not collective liberties.

      To your point regarding the US’ economic development. Our economic development is a direct result of American Exceptionalism as carried out in our first 200 years. The negative impact of our own progressives who will team with dirt bags like CAIR, ISNA, the New Black Panthers, and every union organization in the country have weakened and watered down what it is to be an American. And if we, Americans, don’t begin to wake up and rekindle our American Ideal, we will suffer and the world will suffer from the loss of America.

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