DHS and Assault Weapons!

Homeland Security Chief Napolitano Discusses Newtown Shootings

So the 12 year old Department of Homeland Security (I always thought that sounded a little Hitleresque) went shopping last year for 7000 “Personal Defense Weapons” or PDW’s.  Yep that crack team, represented most notably by the TSA (Thousands Standing Around) whom haven’t caught anybody, has determined it necessary to further arm the group.

Interestingly what DHS calls a personal defense weapon Diane Feinstein calls an “assault weapon”.  Yes you read that right, our GOVERNMENT defines an AR-15 as a PERSONAL DEFENSE WEAPON for their use, but in our hands that same gun is an ASSAULT WEAPON!  It gets better.  The order DHS put in was for “select fire” AR’s which means they can go full auto.  Read the full disgusting article here on The Blaze.

America you had better wake up!  Our COMMUNIST IN CHIEF BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA and his band of merry MARXISTS is systematically dismantling our CONSTITUTION, and with it the greatest country in the history of the planet.


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