To Be An American Is Exceptional


The War of Independence was fought for one reason; the American Experiment.  Can man rule himself?  Prior to the United States of America countries were ruled by kings, aristocracies, noblemen, etc.  Everyone else that wasn’t born into that realm was at best a subject, at worst a slave.

Well by the Grace of God we won that war, and in 1791 our Constitution was ratified and together with it the framework to allow man to rule himself.  Key tenets included a small central government, states rights, and the Bill of Rights.  The Constitution protects us from each other and protects us from a tyrannical government.

American Exceptionalism was born!

American Exceptionalism is in the heart of true Americans.  It consists of an unwavering desire to succeed on your own, To learn from failure, To be solely accountable for your actions, To not ask for help, To offer and give help where help is needed, To take pride in your work, whether as an entrepreneur or within the employer/employee contract,  To derive self satisfaction, not from wages, but from accomplishment, To contribute to the free market system knowing it has raised yours and your neighbor’s standard of living more than any other economic system ever tried by man, To practice your faith and exercise your conscience freely, To offer a place for those willing to work hard a place to succeed.

That is what has made America great.  De Tocqueville observed that America is great, because America is good.  Americanism breeds a humble pride that leads to a generous, kind and charitable people.  You can’t make someone an American.  And that is the most fatal flaw with the “immigration debate”.

Americans aren’t made, we’re forged.  And therefore simply passing a law that says you’re now an American is doomed to fail.  And with that failure it will doom America itself.

America has shown the world what self sufficiency can build.  Let’s not forfeit it all for a couple of votes.


The Truth


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