Bill Ayers – “Obama sits in a Chair of Empire”


Dirt bag Bill Ayers recently stated in a meeting at NYU (because that’s about all our teachers do well is to attend meetings) that while barry sits in a chair of empire, it is the educators’ job to change the country.

What he says makes sense.  Since the federal government and the unions got involved in education over 2 generations ago the curriculum has moved drastically to the left.  Removing God, actual history, and critical thinking from the classroom and replacing them with big government is good, a negative perspective about our founders and founding, and how to take standardized tests.

In short our schools have created the democrat lefts’ best customer, an uninformed voter!  They have won based on the results of the 11/6/12 election.

Now it is our turn.  After all we are the parents that send our children to these idiots.  We need to change the model.  Who dictated that a central school system is required?  Who dictated that a teacher must be “certified”?  Who dictated that while schools are local they’re state run with federal oversight?

What if we the parents took the education of our children back?  What if we the parents created local home schools?  Where through a combined effort we taught our children, using home school methods, leveraging the best real world experience that exists today within each household.  A model where the accountants and engineers taught math to our children, where the seniors taught real history, and where administrative people taught reading and writing (Engish).

Learning would occur in our homes at hours that accommodated the schedules of busy working professionals and stay at home Moms.  The local home schools would be created to serve a small area.  Maybe one quarter to one half mile square.  They would be self managed using the same guidelines that an individual parent uses to home school.

We could eliminate the tax burden of school buildings and teachers.  Instead focusing our hard earned money purely on the cost of learning materials and the rich educational experience of a small classroom taught by people with real experience.

We can do this.  And if we don’t do something our children and grandchildren will be subjects of the “chair of empire” in which Bill Ayers sits.

The full article about Ayer’s meeting can be read here.


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