Now Let’s Focus on The Coming Storm

Now that a majority of Americans have re-elected the communist in chief, Barack Hussein Obama, let’s focus on the coming storm of government control over our lives.  And the single biggest intrusion is OBAMACARE.  The department of health and human services (or as I like to call it death and inhumane services) is poised to unload countless new regulations on us starting January 1, 2013.

In an article written by Maggie Fox on PMSNBC she outline the first wave of the healthcare tsunami.  And I quote:

“The Congressional Budget Office predicts that 23 million people who don’t have health insurance now will get it on one of the exchanges. More than 18 million of them will qualify for a federal subsidy averaging $6,000 a year per person. People earning up to four times the federal poverty level can get a subsidy: that’s an income of $92,000 a year for a family of four.”

That is $108 Billion dollars per year in new spending!  Where is that money coming from?

The article outlines what states have to do (screw the 10th amendment), what insurers have to do, and how the government in general will take care of you.  Read the article here as your private health insurance fades into oblivion.


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