The Real Obama – 2007

Here’s Barry speaking in a “black evangelist” tone in a 2007 speech at Hampton University.  In the speech he praises Rev. Wright and proposes the differences in the response of the Federal Government to Katrina versus 9/11 and Andrew are racially motivated.  Talk about racism, talk about divisiveness, talk about pandering, talk about a man that hasn’t so much earned the right to seek the presidency but has more been groomed and gifted it.  We should be alarmed how our system, led by a biased media, has broken down.

You have to watch this speech and tell all your liberal friends to watch it too.

This dirt bag invokes the name of Jesus Christ so many times in this speech it is sickening.  The islamist apologist who doesn’t even acknowledge the slaughter of Christians by muslims in Egypt uses Jesus to advance his political career.  PATHETIC!

The video from The Daily Caller can be watched here.


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