Andres Serrano and What Would A Muslim Do?

Art in America and a little historical reference.  Back in 1987 Andres Serrano was a struggling artist, and with the help of the National Endowment for the Arts (taxpayer funded) he was able to his creative juices flowing, literally.  His 1987 (taxpayer funded) seminal work of art was a jar filled with his urine in which he placed a crucifix and entitled the “work of art” Piss Christ.

Since apparently urine has a shelf life, Serrano photographed it to save the “art” for generations to come.  And this week, today actually, Serrano’s body of work including this piece goes on display at a New York gallery.  The Edward Tyler Nahem Gallery.

As a Christian the the work disgusts me.  As a Christian I pity the artist.  As a Christian I ask Christ why and pray for Andres soul.  As an American I respect the First Amendment of our Constitution and the rule of law.  As an American I choose not to patronize the gallery or view the work.  And I expect that is the stance of all Americans and Christians.

We understand that this is one man’s view of the world.  While it is an insult to us as Christians and an insult to our God, we are bigger than that.  We are not swayed in our belief and more importantly the faith we have in our God tells us that this doesn’t even show up on his radar.  And there is solace in that.

So if this was a picture of mohammed in a jar of urine what would a muslim do?


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