The Green Energy Dreams of Obama

A battery manufacturing plant in Michigan that received $151 million of our money is on the verge of failure.  LC Chem has the contract to manufacture batteries for the Chevy Volt.  You know that wildly successful electric car that has had its’ production halted several time due to lack of demand.

This is the second “green” energy battery producer in Michigan to fail this year.  Last month I pointed out on this blog that Michigan based A123 Systems, a Fisker battery supplier, had failed.  Failed after receiving $249 million of our tax dollars!

All this wasting of our money while Al “I invented the internet” Gore is firing up all of the out of work gen Y’ers about global warming and the need for “alternative energy”.  That’s right the energy that is unsustainable as a business because it’s not ready to address the energy needs of anyone.  The energy that has Solyndra as its’ poster child.

Read the Volt story on Breitbart here.


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