Democrats Say, “Corporations Are Not People”

Well the fact is corporations are people.  As a matter of fact the definition of a corporation states: “a corporation being a legal entity that is effectively recognized as a person under the law”.  Furthermore it is people that must endeavor to establish a corporation.  Those same people must lead the corporation, and those people must hire other people to achieve the corporation’s goal of producing and delivering the the goods and services of the corporation.

So is it any wonder why unemployment continues to hover above 8% when Barack Hussein Obama and the socialists that love him, hate business?

The sheer disdain for business that emanates from this group is palpable.  Their slogans: “the 1 percent”, “corporations are not people”,”business men are greedy”, “profits are bad”, “workers build business”, and the most current whopper “you didn’t build that”.

These statements are not just patently false, they are anti-everything this country comes from and stands for,

The August 2012 jobs numbers reflect the negative sentiment an anti-American president like Barack Hussein Obama imposes on an otherwise market based economy.  Through heavy regulation, shutting down offshore oil production, high taxation, nationalization of the auto industry, and sucking up 1/6th of our economy through nationalized healthcare, Barack Hussein Obama has achieved this:

Record 88,921,000 Americans ‘Not in Labor Force’—119,000

Fewer Employed in August Than July

The reason why these numbers don’t bother barry and his crew is because the unemployed to them are not “people” either.  They are just future wards of the state!

Read the unemployment article here on CNSNEWS.


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