Organized Labor: Thugs, Criminals, Money Launderers, Stalkers

From their inception labor unions were a bad idea.  Their banner of protecting the worker is a lie.  By the time union organizers became prevalent in the early 1930’s, (after suffering a decline in the roaring 20’s), most dangerous working conditions had been resolved either through laws, regulation, or just the plain common sense of safety and fair pay being in the best interest of the company/industry it applied to.

In other words market capitalism guided the best interests of the worker.

In an amazing coincidence the rise of unions occurred just has communism was taking root in Russia.  Lenin’s argument for total socialism (communism) was, “the argument that socialism’s success needs the workers of other countries in order to happen”.  Huh?  Need workers from other countries?

And look at what unions represent today and what they demand.  It is no different from what is outlined in the Soviet Union’s constitution.

Moreover, unions in general are huge contributors (from their membership dues) to far left causes and politicians.  And government unions well that’s really just a money laundering scheme.  Think about it.  A government worker is paid by our tax dollars.  Part of his pay goes to union dues automatically.  The union uses the money to re-elect sympathetic left leaning politicians using yours and my money.  A direct conflict of interest and a money laundering operation on a vast scale.

We’ve all seen the criminal behavior of SEIU and the Wisconsin public union thugs.  Money laundering is clearly present, and now stalking by a union member is allowed if you happen to live in one of these 4 states.  Read that article here on The Blaze.


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