Now and Then

Then we had traditional family values.  Then we embraced, and taught, personal responsibility.  Then we “saved for a rainy day”.  Then we had accountable government at all levels.  Then we didn’t have crushing state and federal government debt.  Then we didn’t have unsustainable personal debt.  Then we didn’t have teenage unwed births in the 70% range.  Then we had the resolve to face our problems head on.  Then we believed in the existence and importance of Divine Providence in our lives and for our country.  Then we knew our history, America’s history.

Now we’ve destroyed the traditional family, Johnny has 2 moms, REALLY!  Now we don’t teach personal responsibility, the B honor roll and everyone gets a trophy.  Now we don’t save, we buy whatever we want (not need) at any cost.  Now there are but a few accountable governments at the state and local levels and we haven’t see an accountable federal government since just after WWII.  Now, because of our debt alone, we won’t be able to withstand a significant national crisis.  Now in this post traditional family society we’ve embraced children and young mom’s are at more risk than ever.  Now we don’t face our problems, $100 trillion dollars of unfunded liabilities, terrorism, spiraling debt and no one acts.  Now we have almost completely erased God from our vernacular because we don’t know our history and the fact that America was founded under the “protection of Divine Providence”.

Now is the time for a serious course correction.  And it starts with each of us.  It is time to take responsibility for our actions.  It is time to stop hiding from our problems.  It is time to stop supporting the garbage that is spewed from our television.  It is time to get involved in our communities again.  It is time to stop the progressive agenda at ALL levels.  It is time to be an American.

We didn’t build the greatest nation on earth because of big government, we did it in spite of government.  Let’s get back in the game.


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