Islam…The Religion of Peace Part II

From AtlasShrugs and WND:  “Muslims burn 50 Christians to death in pastor’s home”

When are we going to stop taking the politically correct position of “islamophobia” and call these people out for who they are?

There are several facets of this faith.  First there are the Muslims that practice their faith as a part of their lives as members of society.  Then there are the Islamists of which organizations like the Muslim Brotherhood subscribe.  The Islamist believes that Islam is their faith and their constitution where sharia rules the day.  And last, but certainly not least, there are the extremists a.k.a. terrorists.  They believe much the same as the Islamists, but they’re willing to kill to get they’re message out. Interestingly the Islamists will use the extremists as useful idiots (the MB supports hamas and al quaeda) but pretend to be “moderate”.

Both the extremists and the Islamists, through they’re violence and rhetoric, intimidate the truly moderate (and sane) Muslims from speaking out against these very radical and dangerous branches of an otherwise peaceful religion.

And we don’t do anything to help them.  Rather than using our significant role in the world to point out evil and give the moderate Muslims a voice, we cower under the most dangerous form of political correctness, silence and ignorance.  Led by barack hussein kardashian we have chosen to not use the word terrorist when referring to terrorists!

And while we’re all worried about offending some dirt bag extremist or Islamist, good Muslims live in fear and Christians are being killed.  Without one word of this from the campaigner in chief.

More at AtlasShrugs:


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