Another Taxpayer Funded “Green” Company Fails! Who Woulda Thunk It?

This one has all of the usual suspects emanating from the Chicago political machine.  Blagojevich, Barry, Van Jones, and everyones favorite union thugs seiu.

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3 responses to “Another Taxpayer Funded “Green” Company Fails! Who Woulda Thunk It?

  1. “Taxpayer funded”? They received no stimulus money. And they are not a “green energy” company- they are a company that manufacturers energy efficient windows, drywall, and other building materials.
    Yes- they benefitted from the funds in the stimulus for weatherization- a program that many states and many utilitie companies around the nation have long also run. A program that has long supported not only the homeowners, but the utilities, construction workers, retailers, and manufacturers.
    And of course, Bank of America, after receiving $25 Billion in bailout funds cut the credit line for Serious Energy’s window plant…which started many of their current troubles.
    And of course- the housing market crisis, which imploded under years of Republican leadership, has hit companies involved in home construction and remodelling particularly hard…

  2. Well “drugsandotherthings” ANY government involvement is undesirable and this company has many. Including Shorebank, SEIU coercion of BofA, and bogus “energy credits”. Some pertinent content:
    “The story began with ShoreBank, the defunct Chicago bank that was the darling of the Chicago left. ShoreBank specialized in lending in poor neighborhoods, and was close to members of the Obama administration, as well as to the Clintons. But the bank ran into trouble when the housing bubble burst. Democrats lobbied for a bailout, which was partly thwarted by Tea Party protests. The government eventually shut it down in 2010.

    Along the way, however, Shorebank received $35 million in stimulus credits as part of the “green jobs” focus of the Obama administration, which was then overseen by Van Jones. Shorebank required low-income borrowers to conduct an energy audit of their homes, in return for a “free,” energy-efficient refrigerator. Shorebank also required their borrowers to “weatherize” their homes by installing “green” windows to save energy.

    One of the local producers of “green” windows was Republic Windows and Doors, a company that failed in 2008–and which became an instant cause célèbre for Obama, his union allies, and his friends in the left-wing media. Workers, with the support of the SEIU, staged an illegal strike inside the Republic factory in December 2008. President-elect Obama endorsed the illegal strike, as did many fellow Chicago-area politicians.

    Republic’s main creditor was Bank of America–a favorite target of the SEIU. In one of his last acts before being busted by federal prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald for attempting to sell Obama’s soon-to-be-vacated U.S. Senate seat, Gov. Rod Blagojevich (above) declared the State of Illinois would withdraw all of its business from Bank of America unless it bailed out Republic. The company was eventually bought in 2009 by Serious Energy.

    The White House soon made Serious Energy a symbol of “green jobs” as well as the stimulus. (It may have helped that the official responsible for the stimulus-funded weatherization program, Assistant Secretary of Energy Cathy Zoi, was married to a senior executive at Serious Energy.) Vice President Biden visited the Chicago factory calling it a “potentially thriving business that can lead this country” (see video below).

    from the article below:

  3. From Serious Energy’s own website they are a self described “green” company! See below:

    Corporate Headquarters and R&D Facility

    We employ more than 135 people at our corporate headquarters and 90,000 square foot manufacturing and R&D facility at 1250 Elko Drive in Sunnyvale, CA 94089 (800-797-8159). Our green building manufacturing plant produces energy-saving SeriousWindows™ and SeriousGlass™, iWindow, the revolutionary low-cost Commercial Glass Retrofit System, and Quiet® brand products designed to soundproof environments to support sustainable zoning approaches to land use. It’s also the US headquarters for SeriousEnergy Manager, a secure web-based platform that integrates with building systems through any gateway device.

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